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          Terms and Conditions

    Please read all clauses accompanying tge terms and conditions very carefully before accessing to

     » An Acceptance Clause :

    The user access to and use of our services is conditioned on his acceptance of compliance with all terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all visitors, users and other who access Tenderwave. By accessing or using the services, the user agree to bound by these terms and conditions. If the user disagree with any part of aforesaid terms and conditions then he may not access any of the service.

     »  Liability Clause :

    Information relating to any tender is complete and true in all is not liable for error in any document, error in tender information and cost associated with it because all tenders is being published worldwide and are not self-made. Tenderwave is also not responsible for any third party website that we link to from our website. User access to third party website on its own and must go through its privacy policy.

     » Password and Security Clause :

    User account is completely password protected. A user can operate his account with a facility of his timely update for all activities performed by him. Payment details, previous login time, search of tender, last tender purchase and other activities will be updated to respective account. All above information and details are fully secured on website account.If user account found in any misconduct or in case of abuse can be terminated by website.

     » The Intellectual Property Clause :

    Tenderwave is registered under Section 2(68) of the Companies Act, 2013. This website contain its unique logo, visual and other content is created and is an intellectual property of its owner protected by copyright law.

     » New User Registration Clause :

    In order to register for New User Login the user must agree to all terms and condition specifying all necessary details for login steps by fulfilling all mandatory fields ( Email Id, First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Address, Country, State, Mobile No, Sector Name).

     » Clause Specifying Applicable Law and Jurisdiction : operates its website from branch situated in region of New Delhi, India. Any user not satisfying to our services can file a suit against in court of New Delhi only. Any quarry outside of jurisdiction will not be accepted in any case. It is necessary to deal and solve the issues legally. User can also send his suggestions through personal call or message.

     » Contact Us :

    If you have any questions / query about these Terms & Conditions, please Contact Us. or Email us at